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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Troubleshooting for Terminals

Q: After the charging indicator light turns green, does it help to keep charging for another hour?

A: batteries. The Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery is charged with a voltage of 8.7v. It is charged with constant current at first and then constant voltage. At the beginning the indicator is red, and the charging current is 0.6-0.8A during fast charging. The current is lowered to 200 mA at full charge. Even it is fully charged, and the indicator turns green, the charging continues at a low current to keep it as full as it can be. The lithium battery is charged with a voltage lower than 8.4 volts. The charging termination voltage is determined by the charger and the lithium battery (with a built-in protection board). Its charging method is mainly voltage detection. When the voltage reaches the threshold value, the internal circuit of the charger will be switched off immediately. It doesn't make sense to continue charging after the indicator turns green.

Q: The radio fails to detect the SIM card or SD card.

A: The SIM card or SD card may be installed improperly, please remove and reattach the SIM card or SD card. Your SIM card or SD card may suffer from poor contact caused by dirted or damaged metal contacts, please clean the metal contacts and try again.

Q: The device does not work properly.

A: Touch screen does not respond, please restart it by pressing the on/off button for 15 seconds. It should be fine after restarting. If not, please contact your local dealer for support.

Q: How to locate the radio via a PC?

A: Install Inrico Smart Dispatching System software on your PC; make sure the GPS function is enabled in the radio. You can have the position information of the radio through the dispatching console. Please contact your local dealer for more technical support. Install Inrico Smart Dispatching System software on your PC; make sure the GPS function is enabled in the radio. You can have the position information of the radio through the dispatching console. Please contact your local dealer for more technical support.

Q: Radio giving no response

A: It may be caused by running too many programs simultaneously. Please turn off some of the programs or restart the radio.

Q: Where can I download the Inrico APK?

A: You can download Inrico APK from Google App Store or Apple App Store by searching "Inrico APK".

Q: How to connect to WiFi with a password from a non-display or small-display PoC radio?

A: You need to use Inrico's programming software or screen projection software to input the WiFi password.

Q: Low, intermittent or no audio when receiving

A: 1. If it is low battery voltage, recharge the radio or replace the battery; 2. If it is low volume level, adjust accordingly via the volume control knob; 3. If the antenna is loose or installed incorrectly, turn off the radio, remove and reattach the antenna; 4. If the speaker is blocked or damaged, do the cleaning or send it for maintenance;

Q: The radio fails to connect to PC and unable to read the COM port from programming software.

A: Please check the following steps before you try from another PC. 1. Whether programming software version is correct; 2. Whether the programming cable is Inrico original;3. Whether the driver is installed correctly; 4. Whether the COM port is physically damaged; 5. Whether the radio is turned on; 6. Whether the firewall or anti-virus software is turned off.

Q: Group-call transmitting or receiving failure

A: You probably are not a member of the group, or not authorized by this group. Please make sure the radio is within the group and authorized.

Q: The device keeps prompting "Please register your device".

A: 1. Please check if the device is configured with the correct server IP; 2. Please check if it is registered in the management platform;

2. Troubleshooting for Battery

Q: Precautions for using the battery

A: 1. batteries or use those approved by Inrico; 2. If metal conductors such as jewelry, keys, or beads contact the exposed electrodes, the battery may be damaged or cause personal injury. Please be careful with the charged battery, especially when putting it in a pocket or other container with metal; 3. Batteries should be charged in an environment of 5-40 °C. If it exceeds this temperature range, the battery life will be affected, and the rated capacity may not be fully charged.

Q: The battery doesn't last long after it's properly and fully charged.

A: The battery is at the end of its life. Please replace the battery. Usually, a Ni-MH battery has maximum of 300-400 charging times, and a Lithium battery a maximum of over 400 times.

Q: Working hours of the battery?

A: A fully charged battery usually lasts 24-18 hours in standby mode. Depending on the frequency of push-to-talk and receiving, it might last less than 10-15 hours.

3. Maintenance and Safety Precautions

Q: Safety precautions for using radios

A:  1. On vehicles with airbags, please do not place the radio within the range of airbag inflation. Otherwise, the radio might cause secondary damage due to the impact of airbag inflation, and even hurt the passenger. 2. In a hazardous environment with combustible gas or dust, the radio must be powered off, unless it is certified as intrinsically safe. 3. Do not replace or charge the battery in the environment with combustible gas or dust, because the installation and removal of batteries may cause sparks and explosions. 4. Power off the radio before approaching areas of blasting and detonator apparatus.

Q: Precautions for using antennas

A: 1. Use original antennas or those authorized by Inrico. It might violate local spectrum regulations and cause legal risks to use unauthorized or modified antennas. 2. Don't grab the radio by its antenna. 3. Do not take the antenna off when transmitting, or it might be burned out the power tube. 4. Do not use a damaged antenna. During transmission, if the damaged antenna touches the skin, it may cause slight burns.

Q: How to deal with electromagnetic interference & electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)?

A: To avoid problems caused by electromagnetic interference or EMC, please do not use it in places with the "turn off the radio" sign, such as hospitals or other occasions when medical equipment is used. When boarding an airplane, the terminal should also be powered off as required.

Q: How to maintain?

A: 1. After long usage, the buttons, control knobs, and housing accumulate a lot of dirt and other contaminations. Please remove the control knobs and wipe the housing with a damp cloth. Use neutral detergent, no strong chemicals and petroleum preparations, which may damage the front panel and housing. 2. Handle the radio properly. Don't grab the radio by its antenna. 3. If the earphones and other accessories are not in use, please keep them covered from the dust.

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