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A-Z of Inrico PoC Radio Industry Applications

Learn about all the types of professionals who can benefit from Inrico's Push to talk over Cellular radio (PoC) products and services.
Facilitate smooth operations and passenger services.
Boat Rentals
Maintain communication across boats, boat services, and docks.
Construction Workers
Stay connected across large sites with robust communication and safety features.
Emergency Services
Utilize instant, dependable communication in critical situations.
Event Coordination
Ensure smooth operations and immediate responses during events.
Coordinate farming activities and manage staff efficiently.
Film Making
Ensure smooth production and backstage operations.
Flag People
Maintaining safety and order with clear, reliable communication.
Golf Courses
Coordinate groundskeeping and manage events smoothly.
Healthcare Providers
Provide superior guest services with quick internal communication.
Coordinate deliveries and track shipments efficiently with real-time updates.
Enhance production line communication and safety.
Park Services
Stay connected in remote areas for better safety and coordination.
Police & Public Safety Officials
Maintain order and safety with reliable communication tools.
Private Security
Enhance security with instant, reliable communication for quick response.
Transportation & Fleet Coordinators
Manage fleet operations and driver communication effortlessly.
Real Estate Agents
Improve client communication and team coordination.
Manage store operations and team coordination seamlessly.
School Administrators
Ensure campus safety and efficient coordination among staff.
Sports Coordination
Facilitate seamless communication for sporting events and team management.
Telecommunications Technicians
Facilitate installation and maintenance operations with reliable communication.
Tour Guides
Provide enhanced customer experiences with clear communication.
NTC accredited Supplier for the Next Generation Two-Way Radio over Cellular with Unlimited Distance Coverage. Inrico offers high-quality performance radio for any business needs.

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