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Mobile PoC Radios

Mobile PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) Radio is a modern communication solution that leverages cellular networks to provide instant, reliable, and wide-area push-to-talk functionality. Unlike traditional radio systems, PoC Radio offers seamless communication across vast distances without the need for dedicated infrastructure, making it ideal for industries such as logistics, security, and public safety. With features like real-time GPS tracking, secure communication channels, and easy integration with smartphones, Mobile PoC Radio ensures that your team stays connected and coordinated, no matter where they are.

Hardware System

The hardware system of PoC radio, including private servers, DMR repeaters, and convergent gateways, ensures robust, secure, and high-performance communication networks tailored to specific needs. These components work together to offer seamless integration between traditional and modern communication technologies, enhancing coverage, reliability, and overall system efficiency.

NTC accredited Supplier for the Next Generation Two-Way Radio over Cellular with Unlimited Distance Coverage. Inrico offers high-quality performance radio for any business needs.

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